Standing Motions updated 4/29/2020

Standing motions

Updated 4/29/2020

September 2014         All motions made be submitted in writing prior to body voting (Ebaord)


September 2014         Authorized signers of Citizens Bank accounts be The Financial Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer. (Ebaord)


September 2014         All Committees of local 1503 provide dates, times, and locations of meetings to the Communication Committee for posting on the web site


October 2014              Local 1503 pay for the ongoing Retiree Luncheon at a cost not to exceed $200.00


November 2014         Any mailing sent by any company be approved by the Executive Committee prior to mailing


November 2014        Limit Good of The Order to 3 minutes per speaker.


March 2015               Local 1503 become affiliate members of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign at a cost of $2000 annually


April 2015                 To affiliate with the SW Washington Central Labor Council, not to exceed a cost of $120 per month


April 2016                Spend up to $50/ month for door prizes and up to $100 for the Quarterly Delegate Meeting


May2016                       Motion that the standing motion be changed to read “any expenditure exceeding $500 from the general fund, or the contingency fund with the exception of motions involving ‘pass the hat’ be referred to the Finance Committee prior to vote”


May 2016                       That this local bring a check for $150.30 to the Quarterly Delegate meetings for donating to the Pass the Hat at delegate meetings


January 2017               To give t-shirts to new members at end of meeting


November 2017            LU 1503 adopt an “inclement weather” policy regarding membership meetings that in the event of Oregon City schools being closed due to bad weather on the day of the scheduled meeting, the meeting will be canceled (Eboard)


January 11 2018            That a 30 second delay after a vote be recognized after which satellite meeting chairs quickly announce their totals.













April 2018                      Members of our local who have passed away and are in good standing will be included in the monthly pass the hat based on monthly report



June 2018                   We vote by mail at all future elections  and to ask the International for special dispensation to hold all future elections by mail.


October 2018              Alternative Delegates are entitled to the same benefits as regular delegates regardless of credentials.


March 2019                 Move that Local 1503 give a gift card in the amount of one months dues to any member who pays for one years dues by the end of March of that year.



December 2019           To contribute 7% of applicable membership dues to go into our contingency fund with a cap of $30,000.00