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Pickles Ballgame Update

Confusion at Pickles Ballgame and we still had fun!

Luckily when I picked up my ticket at will call the question was asked, “Where are they sitting?” The fellow in charge waved his hand towards right field. Walked out that way and saw an orange tee shirt with 1503 on it. That’s a good sign where to be.

1503 had the area with picnic tables that is in front of the visiting team’s bull pen. It is to the right of the scoreboard looking out into right field.

Mick Stiles remembered to bring our banner and had it hanging on the fence for sharp eyed spotters to read.

Mike Bridges was chatting with Steve Voiles about using a drone to take overhead videos of the last game of the season. Steve kindly agreed to get a shot of the banner and emailed it to us for posting here.

Steve’s videos can be seen at his page on Vimeo Steve Voiles and information about his drone service is available Here!

Naomi brought her grandparents to watch the game. Nikita Krayniy and wife were having a good time.

Chris Potter and granddaughter, Cait Hughes and TJ were there. Sorry to the other members who’s names I didn’t get.

All of us enjoyed the free food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, green salad, potato and macaroni salad. Sodas and water were in the ice filled cooler.