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New member out of work?

What to do?

Right After Layoff

These are steps you can take to increase your chances of securing employment with a Union Contractor.

1.  Register for classes.  Remember you can always cancel

      the class if you find a job.

2.  Put your name on the Out-of-Work List of ALL Locals 

      with jurisdiction in areas you are willing to work.

3.  Get a Job Lead List and Dispatching History from your

      Local and website.

4. For more Jobsite Info you can go to the website Go to: 

a. For Members, 

b. Active Union Job Site search. 

c. Click on the Areas, 

d. Select the AREA       

 e. Select your CRAFT, 

f. then the SCOPE. 

You are able to select more than one scope. 

g. Click APPLY and all the jobs available for that area/ scope will come up. You can download it to your computer or print it.

h. Video with instructions

5.  Use the list of Contractors.  Remember these questions:

How does the company hire their carpenters?

Does the company have a list of their projects?

6.  Once your name is on the OWL (out-of-work list)

participate with open job call if available at the Locals.

7.  Remember to attend your monthly meeting for job leads.

8.  Sign up for unemployment benefits.

NOTE:  Keep a written record of the names and number for foremen and/or superintendents you have worked for or talked to when visiting jobsites.


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