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  1. 1.What size photo? 2”x2”?
    2.Color or B&W?
    3.The “card” to be filled out by the person nominating, are these available ahead of time?

    • Michael Bridges
      Michael Bridges May 22, 2020

      Hi Steven, 1. the letter from the local doesn’t specify a size for the picture. I use my app to convert a photo to internet size or style whatever.
      2. color or BW your choice.
      3.the letter doesn’t mention a card.
      My apologies for not copying the letter verbatim. Best to read it and ask the chair any questions.
      Fraternally, Michael Bridges.

  2. John Svob
    John Svob June 5, 2020

    Michael Bridges, thanks. I can’t open the June, 2020 Officer Candidates List PDF.

    Additionally, when are the candidate profiles due to appear?

    Thanks, brother.

    -John Svob

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