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Welcome to Our WEBSITE!

Step 1# Register for the New Site

In order to pay dues online, access member only information (such as meeting minutes, finance reports, etc.), or receive email alerts you need to register on the new site.

Q: What if I am already registered for the old site?

A: You need to register in the new site

Q: What if I am new to the union?

A: If you have been a member for at least a month, your information should be updated in our system.

Register here.

Registration will ask you to enter your UBC #

Please enter a lower case u, the first 4 digits, and then the last 4 digits of your member number:


Fill in the rest of the fields, and you’re ready to sign up.

Step 2# Log into the New Site

Here’s a link:

Most browsers will ask you if you’d like to remember your login password please save yourself some trouble and click YES!

Q: Can I pay my dues if I am not logged in? 

A: No

Step #3 Where do I go to pay dues?

Pay your dues here.


In Solidarity,
Local 1503