May 14, 21. 1/4ly meeting Delegate reports.

Caucus attended Millwright, Piledrivers, Divers, Bridge, Dock, & Wharf Builders Pile Drivers have been slow. They are hoping the Federal Infrastructure plan passes. If it does they are expecting funding for: bridge and standard infrastructure but also green energy projects such as wave energy projects. There are 5 locations in Oregon being studied for wave […]

Delegate Report March 2021 (Haley Alves Submission)

Here’s my delegate report from 2/27. (Haley Alves) President Cadwell started out by encouraging everyone to listen to the Think Fast Talk Smart podcast which focuses on strategic tips for communicating effectively. The Keynote speaker was Jermaine Smiley, a business rep with the Laborers, who is part of a coalition made up of carpenters and […]

PNWRCC Delegate Meeting 08-21-2020

Submitted by Laurie Gonor Delegate Meeting  August 21, 2020 Called to order @11:00 am via ZOOM (Covid-19 protocol) by President Joe Cadwell

42nd International Convention Delegate Report (Amber McCoy) 9/11/2020

42nd International Convention Delegate reportDelegates 1,305Alt delegates 168Guest 66Total 1,569Languages spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, French, EnglishKey note speaker Prime Minister of Canada Justin TrudeauResolutions:#3 recommended and passed# 4 not recommended failed# 5 not recommendation failed#6 recommended passed#7 recommended passed#8 recommended passedConstitution:Group 1 recommended passedGroup 2 recommended passedGroup 3 recommended passedGroup 4 recommended passed42c recommended passed43c recommended […]