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Attend 10 meetings in 12 months and receive a Carhartt jacket with 1503’s logo and your name.

From a FB post by John Svob

If you’ve attended 10 of the last 12 Local Meetings (Satelllite Meetings included) show up Thursday and double-check the spelling of your name so your complimentary union-made jacket is properly union-embroidered. Labor Day distribution.

John also added a comment. If you have not attended that many meeting in the past year, start showing up.


    • Michael Bridges
      Michael Bridges November 21, 2019

      Great question Erik.
      1st go to
      2nd hover over the For Members menu and click Skill Sheets and dispatch
      3rd click the Skill sheet you need to fill in.
      You may have to print and fax or mail.
      Also you may be able to fill in online and email to dispatch.
      Good luck Fraternally, Michael Bridges

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