The following is from memory and notes taken during the Apr. 8, 2021, general meeting. (author)

Rest in Peace

Lost Steve Grech this month.

He and Bill Lewis pushed for the UBC International to allow satellite meetings by not giving up when they were told “NO” Every time they wrote a new letter giving new arguments, finding new software, and pushing for meetings in Vancouver, WA and Hillsboro, OR. Reported by Paul Richter

“Slim” wasn’t but he had a big heart and supported many people over the years. Rest in Peace Brother.

Dale Dvorak commented that Steve was always ready to help out with the Local’s picnic or anything else that would help our members.

Delegate nominations and elections news

Elections committee chair Joe Fera has multiple motions.

Motion to send voter pamphlet to all members with all pertinent and required information. To include Alternate Delegates.
* All nominees asked to supply a photo 2”x2” and statement that will fit in 2”x5” space next to their photo for the pamphlet.
* To be submitted no later than 5 PM May 13, 2021, to the hall.
* Candidates are allowed to be present for prep and mailing of the ballots to members.
* Question about same date as nominations. Attempt to get submissions in a timely fashion.
* Nomination notice has to be sent out and all this information will be included.
* Brother Fera urged that nominees have their pictures and statements ready to submit.

Combined notice of nomination and election of delegates be sent out to all members.

Nominees be listed on the ballot in the order in which they accept the nomination.
* Krista Farmer asked if a letter to accept the nomination will mean they will not be listed in the pamphlet? Answered by Joe that he will use the order in which each person is nominated.

Nominees will be listed in the voters pamphlet in the order they are listed on the ballot.

Move the local buy the poll volunteers lunch.

Carpenters meet with AGC/GCCA 1st time Apr 8th.

* Scot Schaefer reporting virtual meeting with 30 folks participating
* Discussed construction market OR/SWWA
* Set ground rules,
* Next meeting Apr 15th w/2 more in Apr
* 1st proposal based on surveys turned in by members.
* EST Evelyn Shapiro andDan Hutchins team leader of contract negotiations present.

John Svob moves that all monies from the sale of 1503 swag sold in the next 7 days be donated to the OR/SWWA Heart and Stroke Assn. 2021 Heart and Stroke Walk and the name of the 1503 member buying the swag be included in the letter sent with the donation.

* Laurie Gonor the member be made aware the option to have their name included.
* John Svob accepts the friendly amendment.
* Joe Figurora discussion on friendly amendment rules.
* Mike Bridges spoke in favor of the motion. Reported he had a good angiogram just yesterday.
* Charles Potter asked about the $499 limit. Ruled by the president that it is coming out of separate funds.
* Bruce Dennis friendly amendment doesn’t exist. If someone suggests a change and it is accepted by the motion maker it is actually a modified motion. Amendment suggested and not accepted by the motion maker that passes by vote is just an amendment.
Amended motion including member name is at the option of the member buying the swag.