Here’s my delegate report from 2/27. (Haley Alves)
President Cadwell started out by encouraging everyone to listen to the Think Fast Talk Smart podcast which focuses on strategic tips for communicating effectively.
The Keynote speaker was Jermaine Smiley, a business rep with the Laborers, who is part of a coalition made up of carpenters and laborers and now operators to fund political efforts, team up on bargaining, keep highway work going strong, and keep the trades unified which we can all benefit from.
Randy Thornhill Western District VP joined to share that President Biden is very optimist about passing the PRO (strengthens union rights by repealing RTW, making it easier to form a union etc) and GROW (strengthens pension systems) acts based on meetings with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
EST Shapiro shared that our construction hours were down 3 million in the end of 2020 vs 2019 with the biggest losses being in WA due to stricter shutdowns. She also shared numbers of members tested for Covid through our insurance plan and a total of 3 members were hospitalized for Covid thus far. Work is expected to increase this year with the years in question being 2022 and 2023. We can look at architectural filings to project work further out but those filings don’t mean those jobs will actually happen. We are tentatively optimistic.
On the industrial side there was a big boom in plywood and dimensional lumber.
The Safe From Hate initiative was formed between contractors and the union when a noose was found on a job in Portland.
Regarding the WWA Trust lawsuit against Allianz, EST Shapiro encouraged everyone to read the letters from herself and the board of trustees posted on
Real estate update – the Tukwila site purchased to be our headquarters ended up being too small and doesn’t have enough room for parking. The Eboard looked at some properties with something in Federal Way being a possibility. The Kent property has been taken off the market.
Bargaining Committee updates – This year we’re using red masks to wear on solidarity Thursdays until a contract is agreed upon.
Dan Hutchins joined to update us on the status of current bargaining. There are 51 CBAs expiring overall with some in the industrial sector, some master agreements as well. 20,000 members are impacted by this. The surveys have crashed multiple times due to the servers being located in Texas. Deadline to complete them is midnight on 3/8.
Breakout rooms to discuss our specific area contracts – for OR SWWA we’re negotiating a wage opener for years 3, 4, and 5. Scott Schaeffer encouraged everyone to read Getting To Yes which the bargaining team has already read. We brainstormed some ideas to increase participation in the survey. Some ideas were to phone bank our members, include a raffle style giveaway for those that complete it, bring it up during morning huddles on our jobs, and use our email program to reach members.
-Haley Alves