LU1503 communications  committee report December 2020

Meeting open at 6:00 PM December 7 by chair chopper smart.

In attendance:

Chopper smart

Alan Shin

Mike Lee

Samuel Russell

Michael bridges

Paul Richter

Alyssa Gunter

Special guest speaker Council President Joe Cadwell

End of year spotlight:

*Special thanks to Mike Lee for photography for the online store.

*Special thanks to Michael Bridges for his Document Archival work, and continued tech support and member registration. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and mentor ship to this Committee.

*Special thanks to Paul Richter website registration and special announcement postings

*Special thanks to Alyssa Gunter for her landing page work and art for our Labor day month Raffle.

(Special Project #1 Michael Bridges to be the point person)

Download of database from old website transferring emails over the new website transferred members to be screened through personify via Martha and Tammy.

(Special Project#2) New head shots of executive board and council representatives office staff.

Council Rep highlight with headshot and bio. With Contact information

(Special Project#3) End of year wrapup video with narrator commentary highlighting major events big wins and member Spotlight.

Motion made by Paul Richter

Seconded by Chopper Smart

to allow Martha and Tammy to Administration license to the 1503 website for the purpose of self approving new incoming member registrations utilizing Personify.

Meeting adjourned 6:55pm

Next meeting January 4 6:00 pm