Submitted by Laurie Gonor

Delegate Meeting 

August 21, 2020

Called to order @11:00 am via ZOOM (Covid-19 protocol) by President Joe Cadwell

Roll Call of Officers and Delegates:

Present: All officers.

MSP: Excuse all absent delegates.

Invocation: Miguel Perry – dedication to the union cause


A: Ben Basom

Communications Report

New position: Visual Marketing Specialist

New logo:

Website rebuild –

Monthly digital newsletter: Grit – you can get this delivered to your email See the link at the bottom of the page.

Suicide Awareness and APR Training:

B. Noe Castillo

Organizing Report

Visited 3000+ job sites – handed out hand sanitizer and masks

Stewards needed! Steward responsibilities and training program:

ICRA training – only 24 hours. Helps us retain market share in the hospitals and medical centers

8000 + hours generated

WA Mask Challenge: made masks for people who needed them

C. Matt Swanson

Political Report

Right to Work: direct attack on our unions. Montana is the critical place to help us defeat right to work.

D. Dan Hutchins

Contract Administration Report

Improving wages, benefits and working conditions for membership.

Relationship with Millwright Employers Association – long term contract – double digit increase for members

Merger of Industrial Carpenters: 35 additional agreements. Ratified 6 new agreements. 9 still in negotiations

Meetings scheduled weekly for next two months

Membership communication through social media is key to contract improvements

50 contract bargaining agreements are expiring this spring – Montana (where right to work is a critical issue) is one of them!

Training: Contract Negotiation skills classes

E. Evelyn Shapiro

Executive Secretary Treasurer 

161 delegates in attendance

Refreshing our image

Improving our Covid-19 response

Improving our staff

Member Engagement is a focus fo the council

Systems – focus is on adjusting to Covid-19 restrictions and staff safety – remote work policy, appealed to governor’s office to make sure that our reps are considered essential workers, IT – in-house IT. IT manager hired. Efforts to stay connected and strengthen strategy are the focus. Consolidation and management of IT resources – hardware, software, etc.

Covid-19: WA hours were down 50% for two months – affects all aspects of union. Working to reset our vision to accommodate changes. Had to lay off 10% of staff.

Bellingham property: got an offer and earnest money – sale expected to close in 10 days

Benefits funds developed extended benefits to cover unique circumstances – all trust funds except one were extended

Training funds – worked hard to reopen training centers to serve apprentices

Online technology growing part of our communication and training strategies

PNCI is the first in the US to launch online training

Masks on job sites – new communication methods and dealing with the heat

Trust merger of OR and WA has been extended one year – Now is a bad time to move our money due to Covid-19 and the upcoming election.

Suicide Prevention Task Force


In alphabetical order by last name for each position.

EST: Evelyn Shapiro

President: Joe Cadwell

Vice President: Samuel Murillo

Conductor: Cory Elliott, Michael Petrich

Warden: James Lopez, Ed Marston

Voting 2:15

1503 Delegate at Large Nominees: Dale Dvorak, Jason Sheckler

Votes: Jason Sheckler (9 votes), Dale Dvorak (7 votes)

Jason Sheckler will be our Delegate at Large for 1503