Carpenters Local 1503 Executive Board Meeting 

August 25, 2020

Called to order @6:00pm via ZOOM (Covid-19 protocol) by President Dale Dvorak

Roll Call of Officers and Delegates:

PRESENT: Dale Dvorak, Paul Richter, Laura Tocki-Toggenburger, Krista Farmer, Laurie Gonor, Chopper Smart, Amber McCoy, James Cochran

EXCUSED: Heather Mayther, Scott Scheafer

GUESTS: Laurie Vaughn (American Income Life), John Svob, James Lopez


Renew $4,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy

No longer doing in home presentation – Using Zoom, phone and text presentations instead

AIL American Income Life: program – telemed, lab tests, dental ins: cell accessible – layoff waiver – Premium paying member = AIL will cover premiums during layoffs



1. Registration and Voting – Annual Delegate meeting, Arlene F. Warden, 08/18/2020

2. General Convention Registration and Voting, Arlene F. Warden, 08/19/2020

3. Memo: Annual Delegate Meeting, EST Evelyn Shapiro, 08/11/2020

4. Letter: Mental Health, EST Evelyn Shapiro, 08/11/2020


1. Letter to PNWRCC Re: Delegate Excuses 08/20/2020


1. Political Committee – need to reestablish political committee – Chopper and McCoy

2. Communications – Chopper Smart – merchandise/apparel portion of website launched, Google analytics show merch sales and dues paid. Photographer to Delegate convention in next five years


John Svob/McCoy: Labor Day – give-always, budget – 3 weeks to pull off – sub-committee meeting for this project, voting on budget covered under EBoard authority. Meeting to be held at 6:00 pm Monday 8/31

Include Council EBoard Members in 1503 EBoard Zoom meeting

Letter to get permission to move money from General Funds to Contingency Funds – Ask McCarron for permission to move $30,000 previously approved by membership. Motion passed that caps money moved at $30,000. RandyThornhill and Matt Malmsheimer – ok to spend money if clearly for the benefit of the membership.

Email etiquette: Limit reply all and avoid including all attachments when replying

Finances/accounts protected – FDIC insures funds up to $250,000 per institution

Make a printer available for use by Recording Secretary


1. Paul Richter – Motion: Hold webinar in place of September meeting. MSP


1. Paul Richter – Motion: Send HUSTLE app message re website updates. MSP

2. Laura Tocki-Toggenburger – Motion: Make Treasurer, Financial Secretary and VicePresident signatories on all financial institutions. MSP

3. Laura Tocki-Toggenburger – Motion: send a letter to International President McCarron asking for dispensation to move funds from General Fund to Contingency Fund. MSP

4. James Cochran – Motion: adjourn. MSP

Meeting adjourned at 7:19pm