42nd International Convention Delegate report
Delegates 1,305
Alt delegates 168
Guest 66
Total 1,569
Languages spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English

Key note speaker Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

#3 recommended and passed
# 4 not recommended failed
# 5 not recommendation failed
#6 recommended passed
#7 recommended passed
#8 recommended passed

Group 1 recommended passed
Group 2 recommended passed
Group 3 recommended passed
Group 4 recommended passed
42c recommended passed
43c recommended passed
44b recommended passed
45r recommended passed

Nearly 720 million in assets
Financial statements
outside management
Expenses monitored

125 million invested in DC building worth 200million plus 10m a year in earnings

Responsibly and prudently managed per Financial committee report

Fun Facts:
JP Morgan Chase owns 49% of our DC building
39 laws passed across UBC cracking down on contractors that cheat and
steal from workers
160 different text books and training manuals produced by the ITC
Last 5 years we-redid 18 and began creating 27 new books
55% of helmets to hard hat job placement is with the UBC