Attended meetings

for the last couple of years? Remember the debates to mail out copies of the Labor Press to all members?


March 2018 Bruce Dennis, (retired business rep and past president of Local #247) under Good of the Order, suggested Local 1503 spend dues money to educate our members with copies of the Labor Press mailed to each home.

2018 March meeting minutes to read our history. Check out the following 2 months for more.


Too much money, no one will read it. You can read it online.


All members wishing to receive a copy of the Labor Press please leave name and address with the Local 1503 office staff. A subscription will be paid for by the Local.

No reports from the staff about number of requests received.


Communications Committee will aggregate stories from the many online labor news sources. Thanks for your support. Please remember to share using the social media links below.

Union card gets $1 off beer

Six Portland bars and restaurants are now offering a $1 discount to patrons who show their union card. All six venues are owned by Portland restaurateur Josh Johnston.

Spreading the union’s inspiration by air and by internet

Hear stories, watch videos or even read about our brothers and sisters working to improve conditions for all workers.

A new web project showcases and connects more than four dozen labor podcasts and radio shows from around the nation.

Heat kills 

Believe in climate change or not? It really doesn’t matter. Paying taxes without receiving services or protections? That Matters.

A warming planet is increasing the risk of dying from heat, but OSHA has ignored calls to protect workers.

Breakthrough on community benefits agreement for Broadway Corridor

(CBA) will require that all construction work on the site, public or private, pay the state-determined prevailing wage. Only contractors that provide full-family health benefits can bid

Labor Day picnics canceled

Northwest Oregon Labor Council (NOLC) hosts one of the largest Labor Day events west of the Mississippi at Oaks Park in Southeast Portland, attracting 18,000 people. It will be the first time since 1985 that NOLC hasn’t held a picnic on Labor Day.

Subsidized child care helps parents enter building trades

Since April 2019, the Pre-Apprenticeship Child Care Initiative (PACCI) has helped 19 participants complete pre-apprenticeship programs, says LCSA Executive Director Eryn Byram, who worked with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 48 member Christina Daniels to set up the program.

PACCI is open to all, but every participant to date has been a woman or person of color.

Green jobs, but not for you

Wind farm construction sites (subsidized with Oregon tax dollars) throughout Northeastern Oregon, has a line of pickup trucks with Texas and other out-of-state license plates arriving on the job. 

Article explains why unions support fossil fuel projects. PLAs that use our labor.

Oregon Building Trades Council Executive Secretary Robert Camarillo says projects that benefit from state tax subsidy should have to meet employment standards