Classroom adult students at desks and instructor at white board

More training equals a stronger union.

Willing to step into leadership on your job site?

Regional Council offers training online. Schedule to be determined.

Stewards are critical to a job site, offering:

  • Leadership and project management skills
  • Safety information 
  • Regional Council information
  • Resolving problems on the job.
  • State regulations, rules on wages and proper sub-contracting information

Meet regularly off the job site to network with other Stewards about:

  • Job site issues
  • PNWRCC activity 
  • Political endorsements, voter registration and mobilization efforts
  • Keeping our membership engaged, informed and working together
  • Benefit Carpenters and all workers

PNWRCC provides training and opportunity for leadership and career growth. Steward training includes:

  • Our contract/Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Union rules, by-laws
  • State Regulations, Wage rules
  • Job site safety
  • Proper sub-contracting

We need energetic, innovative leaders to help their fellow members and keep job sites working.