Carpenters Local 1503

Regular Member Meeting

July, 9 2020

Called to order:

6:00 PM


President: Dale Dvorak

Vice President: Paul Richter

Financial Secretary: Laura Tocki-Toggenburger

Treasurer: Krista Farmer

Recording Secretary: Laurel “Laurie” Gonor

Warden: Heather Mayther

Conductor: James Cochran

Trustees (3 positions): Steven “Chopper” Smart, Amber McCoy, Scott Schaefer

Delegate: Jason Sheckler


Present: Dale Dvorak, Paul Richter, Laura Tocki-Toggenburger, Krista Farmer, Laurie Gonor, Heather Mayther, James Cochran, Chopper Smart, Amber McCoy, Scott Schaefer, Jason Sheckler

Absent, Excused: None

Absent, Unexcused: None

Evelyn Shapiro, EST:

Oregon 20% reduction in work – mostly voluntary due to Covid-19

Western Washington – 50% reduction in work

Outlying – least affected – less than 20%

Trust Merger – one year extension on merger deadline due to Covid-19 precautions and volatile funds – not a good time to merge trusts. Not just about selling well and buying low. Much to lose if we don’t wait. Investment consultants do not recommend merger now.

August convention UBC – Each council will host a satellite event. Event will last one day. Delegate Training cancelled to reduce exposure to Covid-19. State restrictions and social distancing guidelines will be met.


1.  Membership Report:  Laura Tocki-Toggenburger

Total Members: 3903

New Member/Join: 24

Suspended:   67

Reinitiate: 30

Resigned: 2

Reinstated: 12

Withdrawal: 1

Dropped: 0

Deceased: 2

Rolland Banta – 97 yrs old, 70 yrs of service

Jamie Thomas – 63 yrs old, 28 yrs of service

Total Added: 66

Total Reduced:  72

Total Net: -6

2.  Sattelite Committee:  James Cochran gave the report

A. We need a conductor for the hall

3.  Political Committee: Matt Swanson, Political Director

Reported on national and local politics

Chopper Smart:


Loretta Smith for Portland City Council, position 2, and Mingus Mapps for Portland City Council, position 4.

Loretta Smith is running in a special election to finish the term of the late Nick Fish. This special election will be held on August 11th, 2020. Mingus Mapps will be on the general election ballot held on November 3rd, 2020.

Rima Ghandour for Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge and  Maxine Dexter for Oregon State Representative, House District 33. These candidates will be on the ballot in the general election November 3rd, 2020.

4. Carpenters in Action: Chopper Smart

July 13 at 500 pm – interviewing candidates: Joe Demiris, Republican, Candidate for Mayor of Gresham

Zack Hudson, Democrat

Members needed for Communications and Political committees

5. Work Report:  Scott Schaefer

Conco and HS Wright

Ward Henshaw


Jobs report online is the best source of jobs. Be aware that there will be Covid-19 protocols in place.


7:00 PM

In solidarity,

Laurie Gonor

Recording Secretary

Local 1503

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