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Jun 01

Apprenticeship Opening Announcement(s)

Please read 'Becoming a Union Carpenter'  for information on carpenter careers, UBC carpenter training programs and additional options for becoming a member.  The information reflects our commitment to life-long career education to keep our members proficient, current and employable.

Apprenticeship openings are managed by the state.  Based on economic conditions and workforce needs these programs are periodically opened to new applicants.  These are competitive applications for select slots in our union-sponsored apprentice program.  This is a multi-year program the costs of which are underwritten by working union carpenters and which is managed by a union and employer oversight committee.  The classroom and hands-on training components are completed by apprentices at our PNCI training facility in east Portland.  Once an applicant is selected for the program he or she is free to seek employment as an apprentice carpenter at the appropriate apprentice carpenter wage scale.  Apprentices will be required to balance participation in required training programs with their work and personal activities throughout their apprenticeship experience.  Once all requirements have been completed they become journeyman carpenters, able to seek employment with any signatory contractor.

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Jun 20

Social Security Retrenches as Applications Surge

Articles like this reinforce how important a union pension benefit can be.  Currently 10,000 carpenters a month are retiring as the baby boom generation approaches the 'golden years'.

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Jan 05

UBC Per Cap Notification

Local 1503 has received a notice from the UBC International explaining its $1 increase in Per Cap fees.  The impact on local dues has been explained in a recent mailing to all Local members.  A copy of the International letter has been posted on our website.  Members may review the document by logging in and clicking on:  International UBC Letter

Jul 09

Hotel Construction Trend to Continue

Portland destination travel drives plans for hotel industry growth... From the Oregonian....

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Mar 15

More Good News on the Work Front

Oregon employment has rebounded, with construction employment leading the way. Here's the latest from The Oregonian.

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Mar 11

Federal Ruling Nixes Jordon Cove Project

The largest proposed construction project in Oregon history appears to have been torpedoed by a new ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Coos Bay's Jordon Cove Energy Project would have brought a major gas liquefaction, storage and shipping terminal to Oregon's southern coast.  Community, business and union officials having been touting the project for its potential to bring high paying construction jobs and economic development to the coastal region.

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Feb 14

Bloomberg Cites Oregon as State with Best Performing Economy

We've noticed that things have picked up in the local economy.  Now independent analysts are recognizing that Oregon's economic engine has been churning along pretty well.  The Oregonian reviews a Bloomberg study...

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Feb 14

Goodman's to Invest $1.5 Billion in Portland Development

Between a skittish stock market and foreign uncertainties it's a little hard to get a read on the economy.  If local investors are any indication, construction still looks very promising in the the Portland market.  Here's a local story about how the Goodman's are planning to reshape downtown Portland....

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Jan 25

Oregon Convention Center Hotel Clears Hurdles

After intractable opposition from a group of Portland hotel operators, an agreement has finally been reached which clears the way for construction of a new Portland Convention Center Hotel.  The project includes public funding components and labor agreements which will assure many local union construction jobs.  The project should also significantly improve employment for our union's Trade Show professionals by becoming the cornerstone of new OCC Trade Show marketing efforts.  Here's a link to the Oregonian's coverage.

Dec 26

Pre-Retirement Workshop Scheduled in Portland

A pre-retirement workshop for members participating in the OR/SW Washington Carpenters Pension Trust has been scheduled for January 16.  Members 50 years of age or older are encouraged to attend. (Click on Headline for additional details)

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