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Aug 25

Delegates Represent LU 1503 at International Convention

International Delegates (left to right) Tony Vasquez, Dale Dvorak, Erik Savage, Don Ball, Paul Richter and Cliff Puckett stand in front of the Speakers Rostrum following today's lunch at the UBC International Convention.
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  Our Delegates will be reporting back to us about the UBC International Convention at future meetings.

Jun 24

Pickets Target Construction Sites

Pickets have recently begun targeting a few major construction sites in Portland.

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May 07

Presidential Visit Draws TPP Opponents

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Mar 13

LU 1503 Joins the TPP Protest

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Feb 19

NY Times Op-Ed Piece Reflects Changed Attitude Toward Labor Decline

Sometimes you don't realize the importance of something until you've lost it.  This Op-Ed piece reflects a reassessment of union influence in our economy.

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Feb 03

Economists Tell Millennials to Consider a Career in the Trades

Millennials that don't want to face a mountain of student debt or the necessity of working 3 jobs might be better off considering a job in the trades.

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Aug 06
WPRN Reports: Construction Industry Faces Worker Shortage

Construction Industry Faces Loss of Skilled Workers

We've noted before that population demographics are working against the construction industry (See the link we posted from the AGC website way back in May 2013).  Baby boomers are now retiring at an accelerated rate and the industry is having increasing difficulty  replacing them.  Here's an article that ran today on the PBS website...

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Jul 27

How Much Should You be Making?

Here's a piece of research from the Economic Policies Institute that charts gains in worker productivity against wage rates. These two barometers of economic vitality should be moving together in a progressive economy...

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Jul 01

'Supremes' Again Side with Corporate America

Adverse rulings continue the assault on labor rights

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Dec 12

Are Young Workers the Future of Labor?

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