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Jul 29

Washington Political Endorsements

The Southwest Washington Central Labor Council has released its list of political endorsements

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May 07

Presidential Visit Draws TPP Opponents

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May 01

Why the TPP is Bad for Working Americans

With President Obama and Senator Wyden trying to whip up support for TPP in Portland next week we thought it would be a good time to review what's at stake.  Here's a video of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explaining things in a 2-1/2  minute presentation that even Senator Wyden ought to be able to understand.

Apr 23

LU 1503 Endorses Paul Anthony for PPS Board

Candidate Anthony spoke to the LU 1503 membership at the March 12 meeting.

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Mar 13

LU 1503 Joins the TPP Protest

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Dec 11

Congress Launches Sneak Attack on Pensioners

Hidden in the fast-track government funding bill are provisions which would allow the rollback of pension benefits for current retirees.

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Nov 14

Local Labor Launches Minimum Wage Fight

The Oregon AFL-CIO and Jobs With Justice programs are launching local efforts this weekend to highlight the need for a new minimum wage.

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Dec 10

"We Pledge Allegiance to ALEC and to the Corporations for Which it Stands"

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch came out with an editorial yesterday lambasting ALEC for its single-minded efforts to subvert democracy on behalf of corporations...

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Nov 04
Watch this eye opening video discussion about what the crony-Capitalists are cooking up for you in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

Secrets, Lies and So-called 'Free Trade'

International Corporations are colluding to subjugate consumers, national sovereignty and all semblance of free markets under the guise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Meanwhile your elected representatives and labor are shut out of the process...  NAFTA on steroids, that's what they're calling it, an international trade agreement that guarantees consumers higher prices for drugs, longer patent protections for corporations and immunity from national regulatory processes.

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