Feb 14

Bloomberg Cites Oregon as State with Best Performing Economy

We've noticed that things have picked up in the local economy.  Now independent analysts are recognizing that Oregon's economic engine has been churning along pretty well.  The Oregonian reviews a Bloomberg study...

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Feb 14

Goodman's to Invest $1.5 Billion in Portland Development

Between a skittish stock market and foreign uncertainties it's a little hard to get a read on the economy.  If local investors are any indication, construction still looks very promising in the the Portland market.  Here's a local story about how the Goodman's are planning to reshape downtown Portland....

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Jan 25

Oregon Convention Center Hotel Clears Hurdles

After intractable opposition from a group of Portland hotel operators, an agreement has finally been reached which clears the way for construction of a new Portland Convention Center Hotel.  The project includes public funding components and labor agreements which will assure many local union construction jobs.  The project should also significantly improve employment for our union's Trade Show professionals by becoming the cornerstone of new OCC Trade Show marketing efforts.  Here's a link to the Oregonian's coverage.

Dec 26

Pre-Retirement Workshop Scheduled in Portland

A pre-retirement workshop for members participating in the OR/SW Washington Carpenters Pension Trust has been scheduled for January 16.  Members 50 years of age or older are encouraged to attend. (Click on Headline for additional details)

Nov 29

Washington Simulcast Venue Changed

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Oct 31

SW Washington Slated for First Video Simulcast

With the November meeting, Local 1503 will launch its initial test for linking remote locations to our monthly membership meeting

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Oct 28

Local SIB Contingent Tackles Learning Center Improvements

Volunteers help upgrade playground facilities for Peninsula Children's Learning Center

Brooklyn, Heather and Emily Pause for a photo.
IB Image
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Oct 24

Union Made Holiday Products

For those of you looking for union made holiday gifts, here's a source for printed greeting cards and other products.

This does not constitute an endorsement, just an option...

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Aug 25

Delegates Represent LU 1503 at International Convention

International Delegates (left to right) Tony Vasquez, Dale Dvorak, Erik Savage, Don Ball, Paul Richter and Cliff Puckett stand in front of the Speakers Rostrum following today's lunch at the UBC International Convention.
IB Image

  Our Delegates will be reporting back to us about the UBC International Convention at future meetings.

Aug 18

Make Plans Now to Attend LU 1503's Labor Day Picnic

Fun, Food, Friends: Three good reasons to attend the LU 1503 Labor Day Picnic at Oaks Park.

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