Health & Safety

Jun 25

Hot Weather Tips

Working in hot weather is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous.  Individuals that have not had a chance to acclimate to high temperatures can be at high risk.

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Feb 03

When's the Right Time to Put on Your Hardhat?

A sad story here about an accident that could have been prevented.  A lot going on here, but we'll let the article speak for itself.

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Jul 21

What you need to know about lower back pain...

An excellent YouTube video gives some perspective on lower back pain.

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Dec 04

Cold Weather Reminders

Working outdoors in cold weather requires preparation and awareness.  WikiHow has suggestions about how to dress for the cold and the CDC offers some cautions about how cold weather affects the body.  If you have to work outdoors during winter weather take precautions -and keep an eye on your co-workers to make sure they're not in trouble.

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