Main Contact

Have a question for our office staff?  Drop them an e-mail using this link.  If they can't answer your question they'll try to forward it to someone who is more directly involved with the topic. Alternatively, you may contact our office during working hours by phoning (503) 305-5904.


Website Feedback

Comments?  Feedback? Suggestions?  Here's your link for sharing with the Web Lackey.  Get a photo on that smartphone that really needs to be circulated?  Need to publish a local meeting announcement or insert a calendar item?   Have an inspirational story to share?  Here's your way to send us a note.


Contact our President

We volunteer our time and energy because we are concerned about our members. If you have a concern or idea regarding Carpenter's Local 1503 drop President Puckett a note.  Other local officers may be contacted via e-mail using the links provided in the 'Leaders' section of our site.  (You must be a registered user to access this function).




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