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Communications Committee



Mike Bridges with a seagoing grin.
Bridges in San Carlos very happy to be going sailing.

Michael Bridges joins communications committee!

Michael Brassell, Mike Fyffe, Laura Tocki-Toggenburger, and James Lopez welcome Bridges onto the committee.

Attending: Laura Tocki-Toggenburger, James Lopez, Michael Bridges (members.) Sitting in: Nikita Krayniy, Christina (Blue) Crow, and Anna Longfield.

Some suggestions to improve meetings and members involvement:

  1. Posting times to Google Calendar,
  2. Permitting attendance via Skype or Zoom.
  3. Sharing posts to 1503 Facebook page
  4. Widget for members to contribute photos to be posted onto 1503’s site.
  5. Gather email addresses with an organizer. We may have software already installed onto our site.

Something for all of us to think about. What is the cost of remaining unorganized?

  1. $.50/hr raise equals $1000/year of work.
  2. $1/hr raise equals $2000/year of work.
  3. $5/hr means $10k/year of work.

Accept b. and we leave $8k/year on the table in just one year. How long do you plan to work? 10 years is $80k on the table. 20 years $160K. Do the math for yourself.

If we accept a low wage on the next contract how much will we leave on the table?


How do we get $5/hr raise at our next contract?

  • Help your Local 1503 organize by thinking of positive ways to grow together.
  • Share this post on your favorite social media.
  • Let us know what your favorite social media is.
  • Let your local know if you want satellite meetings in your area.