2015 Labor Day Picnic

LU 1503 started the Fall off with a big bang. We had a great turnout for our first Labor Day picnic at Oaks Park with lots of fun, food and activities for everyone. Here is our photo album of the day, covering everything from preparations to pin presentations. Thanks to the many volunteers who made this event such a success!
It takes a lot of food to fuel a picnic
Some of the adult raffle prizes
The cooks get a head start on the chicken
Prepping the condiments
Volunteers stock the barbeque
Erik S. M.C.'s the pin presentations
Norman Sylvester and his band lay down some licks for the crowd
Behind the scenes at the barbeque
Stanley Joseph stands in with the band
Norman Sylvester rocks the blues
A cameo by the Blues Brothers?
Another kid gets set for the day.
Members Sign-In
Governor Brown has a few words for the carpenters of LU 1503
OR House Speaker Kotek addresses our members