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May 05

Local 1503 Releases Mobile App for Apple

We're releasing the local 1503 Mobile App for Apple I-Phones today. 

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May 04

Cleanup Crew 'Spruces Up' Council's OC Facility

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May 01

Why the TPP is Bad for Working Americans

With President Obama and Senator Wyden trying to whip up support for TPP in Portland next week we thought it would be a good time to review what's at stake.  Here's a video of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explaining things in a 2-1/2  minute presentation that even Senator Wyden ought to be able to understand.

Apr 23

LU 1503 Endorses Paul Anthony for PPS Board

Candidate Anthony spoke to the LU 1503 membership at the March 12 meeting.

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Jan 16

Journey Leader Training Opportunities

The UBC has laid out an ambitious program of hosting 10,000 members per year in its Journey Leader Training Program.  Grass roots journey carpenters from throughout the country will have an opportunity to participate in this organizational and leadership training program.  Participants will be housed at the UBC's One-of-a-Kind International Training Center in Las Vegas, NV.  If you are interested in participating in the July 2015 session, fill out and submit the accompanying form.  The International UBC and the NW Regional Council are picking up the tab.    -We hear the food is good.

Mar 13

LU 1503 Joins the TPP Protest

IB Image

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Feb 25

Draft Bylaws Available for Review

The draft LU 1503 ByLaws are now available for review on our site.  You may view them by logging on, then going to the ByLaws Committee section at: ByLaws Committee.

Feb 19

NY Times Op-Ed Piece Reflects Changed Attitude Toward Labor Decline

Sometimes you don't realize the importance of something until you've lost it.  This Op-Ed piece reflects a reassessment of union influence in our economy.

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Feb 03

Economists Tell Millennials to Consider a Career in the Trades

Millennials that don't want to face a mountain of student debt or the necessity of working 3 jobs might be better off considering a job in the trades.

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Feb 03

When's the Right Time to Put on Your Hardhat?

A sad story here about an accident that could have been prevented.  A lot going on here, but we'll let the article speak for itself.

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