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Dec 16

UBC Sisters in The Brotherhood Conference - Update

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Dec 11

Congress Launches Sneak Attack on Pensioners

Hidden in the fast-track government funding bill are provisions which would allow the rollback of pension benefits for current retirees.

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Dec 06

Real wages for young Americans evaporate inspite of economic recovery

America's young workers continue to lose ground on wages...

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Nov 24

60 Minutes Asks Hard Questions About Infrastructure

Can a country with the world's 16th best infrastructure really compete in the modern international economy?

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Nov 20

Volunteers Step Forward to help O.C. High School

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Nov 14

Local Labor Launches Minimum Wage Fight

The Oregon AFL-CIO and Jobs With Justice programs are launching local efforts this weekend to highlight the need for a new minimum wage.

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Oct 26

Bridging the Way Conference Set

The 4th Annual Sisters in the Brotherhood Conference is scheduled for January 22-25 at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas.

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Sep 29

Local 1503 Gets Fresh Start with Full House

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Aug 07

Vanishing Overtime Drags on Economic Growth

The misclassification of millions of American workers prevents them from collecting overtime -and acts as a drag on the economy.

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Aug 06
WPRN Reports: Construction Industry Faces Worker Shortage

Construction Industry Faces Loss of Skilled Workers

We've noted before that population demographics are working against the construction industry (See the link we posted from the AGC website way back in May 2013).  Baby boomers are now retiring at an accelerated rate and the industry is having increasing difficulty  replacing them.  Here's an article that ran today on the PBS website...

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