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Jan 23

Online Dues Payment Now Available

Our website has now added a new feature.  Registered members may now pay their local monthly dues online using a debit or credit card.  So if you don't feel like writing a check or fighting traffic to the office, you can now log on to our site and use your plastic to keep yourself current.

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Jan 16

Journeyman Leader Training Program

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Jan 09

Je Suis Charlie

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Jan 03

Local 1503 Receives Call for National Convention Delegates

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Dec 16

UBC Sisters in The Brotherhood Conference - Update

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Dec 11

Congress Launches Sneak Attack on Pensioners

Hidden in the fast-track government funding bill are provisions which would allow the rollback of pension benefits for current retirees.

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Dec 06

Real wages for young Americans evaporate inspite of economic recovery

America's young workers continue to lose ground on wages...

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Nov 24

60 Minutes Asks Hard Questions About Infrastructure

Can a country with the world's 16th best infrastructure really compete in the modern international economy?

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Nov 20

Volunteers Step Forward to help O.C. High School

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Nov 14

Local Labor Launches Minimum Wage Fight

The Oregon AFL-CIO and Jobs With Justice programs are launching local efforts this weekend to highlight the need for a new minimum wage.

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